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Talk Climate to Me is a fun, free, unscary, online, team-based climate education experience for women in Canada. Join us!

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Our use of ‘women’ is open and inclusive of trans, non-binary, and gender-not-conforming people and their supporters.

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Gather a team of friends, family or co-workers and take the course together. Being a team lead is like organizing a small get together with pals and creating a positive space for conversation.

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The more people talking climate the better! Sharing the course and the knowledge you gain through your networks is a surfire way to have a big impact.

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We love working with great organizations, programs and people. Want to sponsor courses, share knowledge or build networks? We'd love to hear from you.

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What's the course like? Find out with this Small Talk!

Wonder how talking climate to friends and family could be fun?
Host your own Small Talk Watch Party and let us do the hard work!

What's the problem?

Here are the facts:

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Women want to take action, but feel a lack of climate confidence.

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Anyone over 30 likely didn’t grow up with meaningful climate education.

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Climate is severely underrepresented in our conversations online and IRL.

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We are hungry for real, human, community experiences.

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We want to share our knowledge and talk about climate, but don’t know how.

What's the problem?
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We're an award winning Clean50 Top Project for 2023

Talk Climate to Me was recognized as one of Canada's Clean50 Top Projects for 2023! The award is for the best sustainability oriented projects completed in Canada.

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On the whole, women are more worried yet less certain about the facts of climate change. This uncertainty comes at a cost.

Women want to make the choices that will protect their future and the future of their loved ones but aren't being given the climate information to do so.

Climate coverage in women-friendly media outlets is next to nil. This needs to change!

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Packed with the most engaging climate knowledge, delivered by the most inspiring women. Take it with your family, friends, or colleagues!

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